By: Mario GoLuza

“Whatever choices you make today, you have to live with tomorrow.” This saying still holds true after attending last week’s Sports Lawyer Association Conference (SLAC) in Los Angeles.

Many of us take fore granted the opportunities presented to us on a daily basis. Last week I was fortunate enough to attend an event where lawyers from all different fields pertaining to sports law held an extraordinary three day event that inspired many law students, such as myself, to stay motivated and persistent to attain that dream of becoming a “somebody” in this competitive industry.

Every panel at this event was a great learning experience and provided unlimited chances to meet and befriend others in the industry. This is how the definition of “success” should be perceived. Building a network with individuals who put in time to educate others and establish personal relationships to better themselves and more importantly those around them. From solo practitioners to general counsel to heads of big corporations, all their sharing of valuable knowledge provided a landscape of what is needed to become successful in sports law.

Thank you SLA for putting on this fantastic event and can’t wait to hear about everyone’s 2016 accomplishments at next years event.

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