By: Mario GoLuza

While many college superstars can only dream of making it to the NFL, only few that make it act like they want leave before even starting. Although an argument can be made for extraordinary cases such as Rob Gronkowski’s, whose off-field play definitely doesn’t reflect his on-field play, the same can’t be said for many others like Johnny Manziel.

How many incidents does it take an NFL player to finally get cut?

According to the Cleveland Browns, it’s “unlucky” number 16. Manziel just can’t keep it together. After repeated legal offenses, including his latest alleged domestic violence incident on ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley, which has recently been sent to a grand jury, Johnny Football was caught partying it up on Sunday. Pictures show Manziel drinking out of a champagne bottle on stage at Story Nightclub in Miami.

What does this mean for his NFL career?

This question is up in the air, but all signs point to Manziel definitely not returning to the Browns. New Browns head coach Hue Jackson stated earlier this month:

I want to make sure we all understand that that behavior will not be tolerated. That’s all I want to say about it. I want to leave it at that. Our organization is going to take a stand, and we’re going to move on from those kind of situations as we move forward.”

Manziel’s latest act is being looked at as a likely coping mechanism in dealing with his recent grand jury indictment, but is it?

Even before being drafted 22nd overall by the Browns in 2014, Manziel faced numerous incidents at Texas A&M including harassment (having things thrown at him at a fraternity party.) Thus, these latest NFL incidents can be Manziel self-combusting in retaliation to previous trauma. Therefore, had the Browns done their due diligence before drafting the overrated rebellious quarterback they likely would have avoided this catastrophe that is Johnny Manziel. Regardless, the Browns drafted Manziel and are now suffering the consequences.

The Browns are expected to release Manziel when the league year begins March 9th.

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