bookieTwo of the biggest sporting (and betting) events are approaching, but a federal court in Columbia is having none of it, from Jack Parker and Doug Taylor anyways.

An ongoing trial in Columbia, South Carolina started yesterday putting two alleged “bookies”, Parker (74) and Taylor (63), on trial for bets they were taking back in 2012. The federal prosecutor and lawyers are taking jurors into the underground world of illegal sports betting in the Midlands claiming these two individuals violated federal laws by running a sports gambling enterprise comprising of numerous people. BUT, there’s a catch, they’re not denying it.

In 2013, a federal jury convicted them of running an illegal sports operation. However, when taken the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, the court found prosecutors failed to disclose vital information and ordered a new trial. Under federal law, a gambling operation is illegal when “it has run more than 30 consecutive days and has received $2,000 or any day with 5 or more people operating it.” But, this isn’t even the start of the prosecutions worries.

Although prosecutors believed they could prove Parker and Taylor were working in conjunction with 3 others, 2 of the 3 are deceased. Testimonies could be fully completed by today but one question remains: “Should Illegal Sports Books Be Legal?”

We all know illegal gambling, especially bookkeeping, is unlawful. However, with the rise of “Draftkings” and “FanDuel” should “Bookies” be permitted to take bets as long as proper taxation and permits are in effect? The answer is yes. But, there’s a major issue with this statement. The cost of even an online gambling permit is enormous. In Nevada for example, a simple online gaming license can run applicants more than $500,000 for an initial one-year license and $250,000 a year to renew thereafter. Basically, you have to be a mobster owning a casino or a very wealthy individual to even consider attempting to run a sports gambling operation.

So one question remains: Should Illegal Sports Betting become Legal?

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