By: Mario GoLuza

GolLine’s blog this week will slightly deviate from its usual “law” aspect of sports. Rather, it will focus on Pride, Inspiration and giving.

Pride” and “Inspiration” play a major role in “big league” sports. Although many sports personalities know they influence their fans, many appear to be unaware-or just need to be reminded- of the extent to which they impact the lives of those around them. They once too were without fame, but through hard work and discipline they have reached a level that many of us have yet to accomplish. The following sports personalities: David Meltzer (one of my mentors), NFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon and future UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic, demonstrate that although you are at the top of your game, “Giving” back remains an important factor in reaching that goal and maintaining that “Superstar” like status.

In 2015 I made one of the best decisions of my life; I became a legal intern at Sports 1 Marketing (Warren Moon Enterprises). Prior to obtaining this position, S1M’s CEO David Meltzer came and spoke at my law school. Right from the start, I could feel that Mr. Meltzer had a different perspective on life and business. Unlike most businesspeople, Meltzer prided himself on “giving” back and reminding himself that being successful is not just about money and fame, but also about helping others which empowers you. Meltzer’s saying, “Make a lot of money, Help a lot of people, Have a lot of fun” goes a long way. You need money to help people, when you help people it empowers you, and when the former are met everyone will be having fun with the results.

Sports 1 Marketing, a company started by David Meltzer and Warren Moon, has found success through giving. Throughout their journey to the top they encourage their clients to support charities so that as they’re making money, they are giving back to those who are more in need. Likewise, just like they support charities, they support those who support them. As a sign of appreciation, Dave and Warren did not hesitate to provide Seahawks tickets for my little brother and I. (Thanks again for those.) And because I felt that power of receiving, this has led me to want to give to others. Inspiration through people in higher places empowers us to want to do the same.

Stipe Miocic, born in Euclid, Ohio, to Croatian parents, is an inspiration to many. Stipe’s personality demonstrates that although he is born an American, his “Pride” of Croatian roots remains well expressed during his rise to the top of the UFC heavyweight division. Watching him destroy Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski in Vegas for UFC 195 was something most Croatians can only dream of. Finishing the fight in 54 seconds and calling out Dana White was priceless. But there is more to Stipe Miocic then just being a UFC fighter.

Like Meltzer and Moon, Miocic gives back to his community through his services as a firefighter and paramedic. Portrayed by many as a fierce and strong competitor in the ring, Miocic has a heart of gold and gives back outside of it. This personality trait is one that must be present to receive the support and recognition of others. Consequently, this empowers others to give and follow in the footsteps of those who we look up to.

Thank you Davis Meltzer and Warren Moon for teaching me the right way to do business, and Thank you Stipe Miocic for keeping your Pride with your Croatian roots and inspiring others to do the same.

Meltzer Moon
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Best of Luck to the ever-growing rise of Sports 1 Marketing and to the Future UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World!



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