What Would You Do?

Williams tweet


Your team starts the season 2-0 with your Quarterback throwing over 350 yards a game compensating for your star Running Back wanting to “party it up”; or in other words violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse. RB returns week 3 and out goes the QB until week 8. QB returns and your star back get’s pummeled resulting in the end of his season.

What would you do?

Although I can’t speak for all of us, Steelers ILB Vince Williams can definitely speak for himself. Under his Twitter name (@VinnyVidiVici98), Williams called out L.A. native Bengals Linebacker Vontaze Burfict:

For those not familiar with “new age” slang, he’s threatening to shoot him upon encounter. However, Williams is known to be an honest and well-spoken player who constantly engages fans with his love and respect for the game. Therefore, this comment sent shockwaves throughout the NFL when surfaced. When questioned by Steelers fan site BTSC (Behind the Steel Curtain) he responded:

“First of all, anyone who knows me knows I’m not a thug. I’m also not going to apologize for my words either. I was infuriated by the fact that one of my closest teammates was taken out by a notoriously dirty player. I got conformation that he was gloating about causing a season-ending injury. I’m confused as to how anyone could be happy about that, especially since they had just gone through the same thing. I was siting there, the pop (from Bell’s knee) was loud, do you know what it’s like to see someone you consider a brother to be in pain and to have something they cherish ripped away from them? Then to watch the player that did it smiling about it. I’m sure that would make anyone want to punch someone in the face. I shouldn’t have taken these feelings to Twitter but I did. If caring about my teammates makes me a villain then I’ll be public enemy #1 any day and everyday.”

Williams added he hopes the NFL handles this situation accordingly, suggesting league punishment. But that seems unlikely considering Burfict was on the field handing the Browns a 31-10 thumping Thursday night.

If someone within the general public rendered the same comment, a criminal threat charge would likely ensue. A criminal threat is defined as

“A terroristic threat is a crime generally involving a threat to commit violence communicated with the intent to terrorize another, or to cause serious public inconvenience, in reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or inconvenience… It may mean an offense against property or involving danger to another person that may include but is not limited to recklessly endangering another person, harassment, stalking, ethnic intimidation, and criminal mischief.”

Too often do we witness athletes and or celebrities get away with behavior that would generally not be tolerated within the general populace, yet it continues. Even though Burfict may be considered a “dirty” player, should we be warranting Williams’ behavior?

One thing’s for sure, December 13th is definitely a date every football fan must mark in their calendar, Steelers @ Bengals. Let’s hope the “painting” remains limited.


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